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HVAC - the Insulation of public and private building pipe work and ducting services.

Case study: Hope Hospital, Manchester.

41,000 metres of pipework and 17,000 square metres of ducting insulation - completed August 2011 ahead of programme and within budget.

INDUSTRIAL - the electric trace heating (where required), insulation and cladding of factories/plant pipework, ducting, vessels etc.

Case study: Manchester Waste Treatment Plants.

7,000 metres of pipework and various vessels electric trace heated, insulated and sheet metal clad - completed December 2011 in programme and within budget.

CRYOGENIC - the insulation and cladding or low temperature pipework and vessels.

Case study: GSK, Stevenage.

Chilled plant pipework and vessels insulation and cladding, renewed during September 2011 - plant shutdown within budget.


Thermal Insulation is now more important than ever,  with ever increasing requirements to meet energy savings, reduced omissions and environmental/carbon footprint reductions.

Inglecray offers a complete advice, design and installation package.